Do you want to get fit but don’t have time to exercise?  

Introducing 10 minute at home workouts that will see you feeling fit and fabulous


I meet ladies all the time that are working long hours and feeling frustrated because they are finding that now they have reached their 50’s their body is changing.  

They have lost their waist.

Their body aches and feels stiff and weak. Everyday tasks that were easy are now hard. 

They are moody, can’t sleep, struggling with hot flushes, poor memory and just feel like everyone thinks they are crazy.

Does this sound like you?  

Plus - You had a gym membership but life always got in the way and you ended up feeling like it was all just too hard and never went.  

I get it, when you are living a full on busy life you just don’t have hours each week to spend on getting fit. You have deadlines to meet, family to run around after and endless commitments. 

But, what if I could help you with 10 minute workouts that you can do at home.  

Introducing our brand new program

FIT, FAB & 50

10 Minute Workouts For Busy Women

This is a brand new 12 week program that you can do in your own home. 

Weekly workouts emailed straight to you each week. 

You can do these at home, at any time day or night. 

Our workouts are easy to follow and can be done without equipment or you can use basic equipment like dumbbells if you are injury free.  

You can be a complete beginner as these are simple easy to follow workouts. 

These workouts take only 10 minutes and are designed to help you feel stronger & fitter. You will get your energy back. You will feel proud and confident again because you are doing something for YOU!  

Hey I am Libby,

As a trainer I have been helping women 50 and beyond get fitter and stronger for over 10 years. Being in my early 60s I get how it feels to all of a sudden realise that you cannot do the things that you used to be able to do and how your body shape naturally changes as you get older. 

You start to feel frustrated because you don't like the new you.

I know exercise is essential for helping manage menopause and for keeping our body strong. I also get that you want to feel proud of your body and how you look and feel every day.

Our hormone levels naturally change during perimenopause and menopause which means that we need to change the way we exercise as putting our bodies under a full on rigorous exercise regime is not what we need. 

I have created exercises that can help you stay as strong as possible so that you can get on and enjoy exercise and movement.  

What others have said: 

I am now stronger than my husband “Kylie” 

Libby is fantastic! Training is tailored around our injuries and she has helped me with my shoulder problems. We love our session with Libby. “Sally” 

I am so glad that I found you. You have changed my life “Kim” 

Libby is an absolute delight to train with. She understands my individual needs and (safely) pushes me to achieve and get great results. Keep up the good work Libby, I really do enjoy our sessions together!! “Christine” 

Libby ensures that you listen to your body and do not exceed it's capabilities and she is regularly offering options to suit my body. "Jacqui"  

Libby has been amazing in helping me change from a non-active lifestyle to resume exercising and embrace going to training sessions. Libby's knowledge and experience is incredible, she brings both to training sessions and readily adapts session plans to accommodate my weak knees. Thank you Libby! "Lou-Ann"

Our Fit, Fab and 50 program has been designed for busy women who are experiencing life in their 50’s. 

I have found that so many women in their 50’s lead busy lives, they work, take care of others and love to hang out with friends. 

They want to look after themselves so they feel and look good but just struggle to make the time. 

Does this sound like you?  


Have you found that all of a sudden you find that my body shape has changed. Your waist has disappeared and some days your joints just ache. It’s so frustrating and it makes you lose your sense of who you are. You can catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and don’t recognise the person looking back at you.  

You can put an outfit on that you haven’t worn this season and it is now too tight.  

Do you find that you run out of puff easily and everyday tasks just seem hard? 

Have you googled fitness programs but found that they are designed for the young fit injury free person.

Even worse have you tried to get back into exercising but got injured?  

Or did you feel like you were letting yourself and everyone else down because you kept skipping workouts because you were too busy? 

Who wants to feel like life is a struggle? I am sure that you don’t. AND you don’t have to as My Fit, Fab and 50 Program can help you. 

I will show you that you don’t need lots of time for workouts. Our 10 minute workouts are designed for women over 50.  

These workouts will help you to get stronger and help you feel happier about yourself. Being stronger will give you more confidence and you will find that everyday tasks just feel easier. 

The workouts can be adapted for where you are now, no matter your fitness level. Plus if you have aches and pains I will show you how you can work around these aches and pains. Often as you get stronger you will find that your aches and pains will disappear.  



What you get each week:

Each week I will email you a new 10 minute workout video plus a video of how to do each exercise. These workouts are especially designed to build strength, improve your cardio fitness, balance and flexibility. 

You also receive 3 mini yoga workouts to compliment your weekly workouts – these mini yoga workouts are there to help you relax but still move your body. They are perfect for busy women. 

Each week you will receive a new weekly planner so that you can stay on track and schedule in 10 minutes each day to do your workout. We know that planning is essential for staying on track and if you schedule in your workouts you will get them done. 

Email support from Libby – if you need help with any of the workouts Libby is there to help and guide you.  

All this for less than the cost of one take away coffee each week. It’s only $29 per month for 3 months.


Who is this program for?  

It’s for women 50 and beyond who are feeling fed up with being unfit and unhappy with how they look and feel. 

It's for women ready to get working on a feeling fitter and healthier so they can get back to enjoying life.  

It’s for busy women who want to exercise at home and are looking for time effective workouts.  

It isn’t for those who think they have to spend hours in the gym for results. Remember these are quick 10 minute workouts that will get you feeling strong and confident again in just 10 minutes a day. 


Are you ready to start working on a Fit & Fab YOU?


Is this suitable for me as I have joint pain? 

Yes, we will give you alternatives exercises that are suitable for joint pain. You can email Libby if you find that any exercise is not suitable for you and she will give you an alternative. 

Do I have to be in my 50’s to get this program? 

No, it is designed for ladies in their 50’s and beyond or for those who haven’t been exercising for some time.  

Do I need equipment? 

No, the exercises can be done just using your body weight but you can also add in some hand weights (dumbbells) if you have them. 

How do I pay for this program? 

Payment is through PayPal and consists of 3 monthly automatic payments of $29

How long is the program? 

The program is for 12 weeks and by the end of the 12 weeks you will be feeling stronger and finding that everyday tasks are so much easier. Plus your confidence will have blossomed. 

Have questions. Feel free to reach out to me by email